Our vision is to be the most stable and competitive lacrosse community in the Northwest. Our mission is to create scholastic excellence, teamwork, honor and integrity through competitive lacrosse. The Puyallup Lacrosse Club will develop student at

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Behavior Expectations for the Entire Clubhttp://youtu.be/tEp4_yQIL0k

Boys Basic Rules Part 1http://youtu.be/IEe5-hnguno

Boys Basic Rules Part 2: http://youtu.be/59rQrqdpJ8A


We anticipate nearly 300 athletes in the Puyallup Lacrosse Club this coming season and will be capping each team’s roster size to help provide the best playing experience with the greatest level of competitiveness.

Some updates for the 2016 season:

Programs & Registration Fees:

  • K-2 Boys & Girls ~ $50 vs. budgeted cost of $98/player. We are extremely excited to be offering a K-2 Boys & Girls program this year! Registration will include a junior lacrosse stick along with a PLC t-shirt/jersey for each player to keep. The program will generally follow the same timeline as the Youth Boys program. More details to follow…
  • Youth Girls (grades 3rd – 8th) ~ $200 vs. budgeted cost of $230/player.  
  • Youth Boys (grades 3rd – 8th) ~ $200 vs. budgeted cost of $194/player.
  • HS Girls (grades 9th – 12th) ~ $300 vs. budgeted cost of $547/player.
  • HS Boys (grades 9th – 12th) ~ $400 vs. budgeted cost of $557/player.

Geographic Split for Youth Boys:

  • In preparation for our eventual High School split into Rogers & Emerald Ridge, we will split the youth boys teams by the high school they will attend. This is based on where each player currently lives and which High School that corresponds to. Boys in grades 3rd - 8th who live in the Emerald Ridge HS catchment area will play on the Emerald Ridge Team while those who live in the Rogers and Puyallup HS catchment area will play for the Rogers Team. As soon as we grow to two teams per age group per catchment area, our plan is to go back to A/B teams for 5/6 & 7/8.

Some reminders for the 2016 season:

Volunteer Hours ~ As a non-profit, mostly volunteer organization, we rely heavily on the help from our families. During the 2016 season, we will ask each family to volunteer five hours of their time for the benefit of the Club. If, by the end of the season, the volunteer requirement has not been met, we will add $100 to your next registration. Families will also have the option of simply paying the volunteer fee and opting out of contributing volunteer hours. Please let us know if that is your desire. If you did not complete your volunteer requirement during the 2015 season, please expect to see the $100 added to your registration. Following are some of the many family volunteer opportunities:

  • Boys & Girls High School Players ~ assist boys & girls Youth Head Coaches during practice at the beginning of the season before your practices begin.
  • Parents ~ coaching (head or assistant), club parent, team parent, field prep, transport goals, scorekeeping, timekeeping, spotters, game day field manager, concessions, equipment hand out & return, spirit wear, high school team dinners, committees, alumni game, etc.

We will provide plenty of volunteer opportunities!

Equipment ~ Equipment will only be provided to first year players at every age group. Returning players will be required to own their equipment. For those checking out equipment, a deposit will be required until the equipment is returned as follows:

  • Youth & High School Boys Equipment Deposit
    • Helmet only ~ $100
    • All gear (excluding stick) ~ $200
  • Youth & High School Girls Equipment Deposit
    • Goggles only ~ $25
    • Goggles & stick ~ $75

The equipment deposit will be due at the equipment pick up. Players will not be able to receive equipment or participate until the deposit is received and may be at risk of losing their roster position.

Scholarships ~ we will continue offering limited scholarships while requiring additional volunteer hours to pay off the scholarship amount granted.

Stay tuned for more updates as preparation for the 2016 season continues! 


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